Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2016


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Prescott Rally - APRS

Real-time APRS activity in the Prescott area.

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So what is APRS?
Basically, APRS ("Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System") is a method to track vehicles using amateur("HAM") radio and GPS. But APRS can do a lot more than just tracking vehicles... It can also be used to transmit weather information, text messages/emails, or to distribute other digital data. It can be very useful for communications of inclement weather or during emergency/disaster operations.

With an APRS tracker in the rally car, your service crew, family, friends, or sponsors can follow your progress during events (via a local receiver/laptop or an Internet connected computer). In the event of a break down, you can send a "come pick us up" notification along with your current position to the service crew. Plus, with a Amateur Radio license you've a better opportunity to work the prime spots when not running in an event. You are WORKING the events you're not competing in, right?

Brent / KE7JGM

Some links for further info:

  • ARRL A great resource on how to get involved in amateur radio.
  • APRS by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. Go right to the source of APRS.
  • FindU is a service to track and plot APRS stations.
  • another service to track and plot APRS stations. (the map above is generated from
  • Kris Marciniak (#761, KI6IUC) has some good info on using APRS in rally as well as how to make/purchase an APRS trackerbox for your rally car.